Unbelievable 2001 Napa Merlot! 100% Estate and 38% Off – Drinking Perfectly!

Unbelievable 2001 Estate Merlot from Seavey Vineyard in Napa Valley!


Up to 38% Off the Winery Price!



“There are no shortcuts in the vineyard. Our wine’s best friend is time, with patience being a gift you give to yourself.”  – William A. Seavey

We recently tried the 2001 Seavey Estate Merlot and it is perfect! Currently in it’s prime, I wish we had the opportunity to offer more wines like this….12+ years of aging already built in!

Available at the store today – we can only access 20 cases!

Highlights of the 2001 Seavey Vineyard Estate Merlot:

Nick’s tasting notes:

If tasted blind, you wouldn’t guess this is merlot as there are ample tannins that point to cabernet sauvignon in the blend.  This is everything a mature Napa red should be.  Potency is there, but tertiary flavors round-out the plush ripe fruit bringing earthy elements that remind of Bordeaux or even Tuscany.  Lots of interesting herbs and spices show through like sage and coriander, with floral aromas as well.  Though the tannins are still present, the overall texture is smooth and it’s immediately drinkable.  Yes, this wine does have some sediment so decanting is recommended, but what a treat!


2001 Seavey Estate Merlot

100% Merlot, Napa Valley, CA


Winery Price: $55


Special Pricing at Highland Fine Wine:


1-5 Bottles – $39.99


6-11 Bottles – $35.99 (10% Off!)


12+ bottles – $33.99 (15% Off!)

(38% Off the Winery Price)

A solid six-pack is $215.99 before tax

A solid case is $407.88 before tax

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