ROAR Pinot Noir is Back!!…..For a Limited Time

ROAR Pinot Noir is Back!!

For a Limited Time….


The Winery is already Sold-Out!

Jump on these 2012’s as they are fantastic!

 1-5 Bottles – $44.99!

6+ Bottles – $40.49

Available Today!


Roar is a small project located in Monterey along California’s Central Coast and the 2010 and 2011 vintages of this wine were only available for a few weeks after each release!  I think the 2012 easily as impressive as the previous two vintages, and is even more rich in style due to the warmer than average growing season.  The 2012 also possesses darker fruit flavors that to me are reminiscent of California’s Russian River Valley.

Roar is owned by Gary and Rosella Franscioni…and they each have prestigious vineyards bearing their names! Gary’s family has been farming in Monterey for over 100 years and this wine is one of the jewels from Santa Lucia Highlands. I love how it’s modern in style, but beautifully balanced…a trait I often associate with the wines of Paul Hobbs. Definitely a benchmark for the region, I wish we could keep it year-round!

The name Roar was chosen because Gary and Rosella wanted their wines to symbolize the energy you feel when a crowd roars at a sporting event.  The crest includes two lions giving each other a “high-five”!

These are available at the shop today, and please send an email reply to if you’d like us to save any for you!


2012 ROAR Pinot Noir

Santa Lucia Highlands

Central Coast, CA

1-5 Bottles – $44.99


6+ Bottles – $40.49


A solid six-pack of this wine is $242.94 plus tax


 Available Today!

Please send a reply to if you’d like us to save any for you!

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