Dönnhoff Rieslings Have Arrived! The Best of the Best!



– Terry Thiese, on the wines of Dönnhoff….
In this humble taster’s opinion, these are the greatest Rieslings on earth. No other wine, anywhere, exceeds the clarity, polish, complexity and sheer beauty of flavor of this grower’s finest wines.
Hello Everyone!


The Dönnhoff rieslings have arrived!  We ordered these two bottlings several months ago, and I’m happy to report they are at the shop right now and are ready to go!


Also, don’t forget our Italian Wine Tasting featuring the wines of Small Vineyards Importers TOMORROW at 6:30!  Details are further below, and please send a reply if you think you can attend!  These wines are fantastically affordable so it’s a great opportunity to find some new favorites and stock-up!



Map of German Wine Regions

The Dönhoff winery is located in the Nahe (nah’-huh) which can be found in Southwestern Germany between Pfalz and the Mosel.


The flavors are not as sharp as those from the Mosel, but there is a richness of flavor, evident from the combination of slate soils, quarzite (which carries heat) and volcanic soils.  Acidity is excellent, and the minerality adds fantastic complexity.


These rieslings are worth trying, even if you don’t fancy yourself a “riesling” lover.  The intensity of flavors are virtually unmatched for white wines in the $23-$27 price range, and both bottlings featured are on the dry side of the spectrum.


The 2012 Dönhoff Estate Riesling is a perfect introduction to the estate.  Classic apricot and stone fruit flavors are abundant.  Crisp and refreshing, and just a hint of sweetness.


The 2011 Dönhoff Kreuznacher Krötenpfuhl Riesling Kabinet

comes from a single vineyard and is fermented and aged in very old, neutral oak barrels.  It has more savory flavors mixed with some caramel but remains on the dry side.




2012 Dönnhoff Estate Riesling 

Nahe, Germany

1-11 Bottles – $22.99

12+ Bottles – $20.69

Mixed cases are welcome!

3-4 cases are currently available

2011 Dönnhoff Kreuznacher Krötenphuhl Riesling Kabinett

Nahe, Germany

1-11 Bottles – $26.99

12+ Bottles – $23.63


Mixed Cases are welcome!

2 cases are currently available

Please Contact nick@highlandfinewine if you’d like us to save any for you!

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