Awesome Sauvignon Blanc from Northern Italy!

“Bone-dry with persistent acidity. One of the best sauvignons in Friuli” 

James Suckling – Former Italian Review for Wine Spectator

writing about the 2013 vintage of Scarbolo Sauvignon Blanc

We’ve carried the Scarbolo wines for years and although we always plan to be pleased when we try a new vintage of the Sauvignon Blanc, it just never ceases to amaze us!  Although it has not been reviewed, this wine is very consistent year after year, and Valter Scarbolo has dialed-in a great combination of freshness, roundness, and overall persistency that is uncommon for a sub $15 wine!


Friuli is cool climate country, and really shows how distinctive andwonderful Italian white wines can be.

When helping our customers choose a sauvignon blanc, broad categorizations can be made across styles, although most bottlings are usually fresh, clean and crisp in style, with little or no presence of oak.

California versions often have a honeyed component

New Zealand versions often have pronounced grapefruit flavors

French versions are often “minerally” and/or grassy

Italian Sauvignon Blanc is wonderfully neutral, and generally combines the other styles.  They have a crisp line of lemony acidity, but isn’t overly pungent or tropical.

Scarbolo’s Sauvignon blanc from Friuli is a benchmark for Italian Sauvignon blanc.  There is a little bit of lees stirring (with 6 months of aging) to add some body and mouthfeel, which balances out the super-crisp acidity. It’s pleasing to most every sauvignon blanc drinker because it’s always recognizable as classic, but doesn’t stretch too far in any direction!

Modestly priced, it works as a perfect beginning to most any evening as it’s interesting, but it isn’t over citrusy or pungent!

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2014 Scarbolo 

Sauvignon Blanc

100% Sauvignon Blanc – Friuli, Italy

Average Online Price:

$18 per bottle

1-5 Bottles – $15.99

6+ Bottles – $14.39 
(10% Off)

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A solid six-pack comes to $86.34 before tax

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