An Incredible Albarino From Spain! Very Limited!

“The extraordinary wines of Raul Perez

must be tasted to be believed.

Words simply cannot do them justice.”

- Jay Miller from The Wine Advocate


Most of the time, Spain’s Albarino wines are wonderful, refreshing, and can offer nice complexities…..Sometimes, they can resemble White Burgundies, and the 2012 Raul Perez Muti Albarino is one of those wines!  With any luck, we will receive 45 bottles tomorrow.

The wines of Raul Perez are among Spain’s most noteworthy, and some believe they are the finest examples of what can be done with the Albarino and Mencia grapes.  In 2010, Wine and Spirits Magazine named Bodegas y Viñedos Raul Perez winery of the year!

In summation, these wines stretch limits…for the vines, for the workers tending them, and even for winemakers like Raul who push barriers in vinification techniques.

The Albarino bottles pictured to the left (Called Sketch) are aged underwater at a depth of 60 feet as he believes the benefits of temperature, pressure, and zero oxygen ultimately produce an albarino of distinction.

We have a small quantity of the “baby” version of this wine called “Muti” Albarino.  It is one of the most compelling Albarino’s produced, andwe’re thrilled to get a whopping 45 bottles of the 792 that were produced!

2012 Muti – 100% Albarino organically farmed from Rias Baixas

Albarino is arguably Spain’s most important white grape, and Raul’s version comes from vines up to 100 years old, planted only 30 meters from the ocean!  Half of the grapes are aged in older oak barrels which adds some texture to the wine. The vineyard sites are among the coolest in Northwestern spain and the dry, mineral and citrus characteristics are aperfect match for oysters and fresh seafoods.

2012 Raul Perez – Muti

100% Albarino from Rias Baixas, Spain

Only 792 Bottles Were Produced!

Offered in Special 3-Packs!

Single Bottle Price: – $39.99

3+ Bottles – $35.99

Each 3-pack comes to $107.97 before tax

Fifteen 3-packs are 

Hopefully Arriving TOMORROW

additional bottles are on the Way!

Please send a reply to if you’d like us to save any for you!

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