2015 Marchetti Verdicchio has Finally Arrived…after 18 Months!

2015 Marchetti Verdicchio has Finally Arrived…after 18 Months!
One you try this incredible Itlalian white 
you will ask for it every year!
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if you’d like us to save any for you!
Many of you ask us about this wine every year and the good news is we have the 2015 now!  This vintage distinguishes itself as it resembles a dry Vouvray (possibly from Savennieres). Great length & intensity with some roundness and fantastic acidity.  Pairs beautifully with seared scallops or even spicy shrimp and grits!
What’s so special about a Verdicchio from the Marche

region of Italy?  It’s just one of those gems we found several years ago that seems to surprise most everyone that tries it! The reason why more verdicchios are not made like this is because it’s just too expensive.
Each year we try this incredible wine and purchase every bottle available of the 300 cases that are produced –

Here Are Some Highlights:
  • Crisp and clean white with incredible intensity of flavor.
  • Most everyone that tries this is blown away!
  • Labeled as a later-harvest wine, but it is fermented dry.
  • Texture is fantastic, and benefits from the later harvest.
  • No oak aging is used, but extended lees aging adds depth.
  • Only 300 cases were produced!
  • Price hasn’t changed in Three Years!
Background: Maurizio Marchetti leads a charmed life. His wife is a cardiologist (bringing home the pancetta!), leaving Maurizio free to pursue his two art forms: painting and making wine.  He is extremely selective with his grapes and sometimes produces as little as a half bottle of wine per plant.  He uses a special pneumatic press for a single, extremely light press, called a “flower press.”  Maurizio likes to say “butterflies crush my grapes with their wings as they fly by.”

2015 Marchetti – Tenuta de Cavaliere Verdicchio (white)
100% Verdicchio from Marche, Italy
1-5 Bottles –  $19.99
6+ Bottles – $17.99 (10% Off!)
A solid six-pack comes to 107.94 before tax
Twenty Cases are Available Today!

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