2012 Luca Malbec #19 Wine of 2014! First Time EVER Malbec Has Made the Top 20 List!

2012 Luca Malbec #19 Wine of 2014!

First Time EVER Malbec Has Made the Top 20 List!

 There’s always a lot of “buzz” when Wine Spectator releases their annual list of 100 wines reviewed for the year.  In general, it’s hard to focus on 100 Top wines tasted for the year, but the top 20 wines listed by a publication like Wine Spectator are definitely worth exploring!

Why? Extracting just 20 top wines out of thousands is a subjective endeavor, so I always like the top 20 list because it’s just that…subjective and human, a welcome departure from the straight numerical score!

SAT scores alone don’t say much about our personalities, right?

Interestingly, while looking over the last 15 years of Wine Spectator Top 20 lists, this is the only time a Malbec has been featured! In fact, up until this year’s list, I couldn’t find one wine from Argentina in the list.

So, Luca has made history with this Malbec, and there are 21 cases at the shop right now! We tried it today, and it’s very good.  With time in a decanter, the flavors will continue to expand.  It’s modern, dark, rich and ripe, and still has that revealing meatiness that reflect it’s old world origins.

Laura Catena is the daughter of

Argentina’s most famous vigneron, Nicolas Catena, and the Luca wines (named after her first born son) have long established themselves as a step-above most other Argentine brands.  They are highly extracted, deeply flavored, and bottled in enormously thick glass!

2012 Luca Malbec

Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina

Available Today!  21 Cases!

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6+ Bottles – $28.79 

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21 Cases are Available Today!

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