2011 Fonseca Vintage Port #13 Wine of 2014! 98 Points!

2011 Fonseca Vintage Port

#13 Wine of 2014!

98 Points!

 There’s always a lot of “buzz” when Wine Spectator releases their annual list of 100 wines reviewed for the year.  In general, it’s hard to focus on 100 Top wines tasted for the year, but the top 20 wines listed by a publication like Wine Spectator are definitely worth exploring!

2011 is the year for Portugal as two of Spectator’s top  three wines of 2014 were Portuguese. We carried the #3 Prats and Symington Chryseia earlier this year but it has long been sold-out.
The New Vintage Port….consumable much younger than ever!
Vintage Ports are a lot different today than they were even 10 years ago.  Like many other of the world’s top wines, they are made to be drinkable MUCH earlier than before.  Changes in Laws starting with the 2005 vintage allow port houses to use higher-end spirits in the production of their ports which have had a dramatic effect on the drinkability windows for the vintage bottlings.  Incredibly, they are enjoyable while young. Because the relative sugar levels are high along with Alcohol Levels (18-20%), they will still age for an incredibly long time.

Ports make great gifts…..Know anyone born in 2011?  This 2011 Fonseca will typically last well past their 21st birthday….even if kept in less than “ideal” conditions.  2011 is also a great year to sock a few bottles away in your cellar and just forget about them!

We received the last 60 bottles of the 2011 Fonseca Vintage Port.  They are packed in wooden six-pack crates, and that’s all we will ever receive!

Pricing is solid and starts on par with Wine Spectator’s $116 price, and goes down when mixed with cases.  Please let me know if you’d like us to save any for you!

2011 Fonseca Vintage Port

98 Points Wine Spectator

97-99 Points Wine Advocate

1-5 Bottles – $116.99

6+ Bottles – $105.29 

(10% Off!)

Mixed cases qualify for the 10% discount


60 Bottles are Available Today!

Please send a reply to nick@highlandfinewine.com if you’d like us to save any for you!


From The Wine Spectator Review: 98 Points

Massive, concentrated and powerful, this offers lush, heady flavors of dark plum, blackberry and cherry tart, with touches of anise. Shows plenty of grip as well, with a long, rich finish of dark chocolate, toffee and cream. Best from 2040 through 2060. 2,190 cases imported. -KM

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